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A Touch of Whimsy

Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Photo by E. Deroo

Photo by E. Deroo

Stopped by to see Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s new jewelry collection in her shop on the rue Tournon today. De Taillac, a lovely, quiet French woman with beaucoup de gout, has designed her new collection with the economic crisis in mind. She’s veered away from record-priced gold and platinum and is currently using lower cost materials such as quartz and crystal that evoke the 1980s-revival fashion trends—bangles and beads—without the 1980s opulence. (We forget the 80s were opulent too!)

There’s loads of whimsy and humor in her designs, such as little crystal butterfly pendants studded with tiny spinels in bright colors or smoky drop crystal earrings flecked with little brushed-gold hearts. My favorite: a one-of-a-kind giant quartz bangle studded with pale sapphires, which runs $12,000 and weighs a ton. Are you listening, Santa?