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Bye-Bye Karl?

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Rumors Abound at the House that Karl has Helmed since '83

Just as I wrote in Newsweek three weeks ago, the rumors that Karl Lagerfeld is soon retiring from Chanel and that Alber Elbaz will replace him are continuing to bounce around. Some predict it will be in 2012 —Lagerfeld’s 30th anniversary with the house. Sounds plausible—particularly if Lagerfeld and his boss, Chanel Global CEO Maureen Chiquet are indeed sparring, as I was told. In the meantime, editors and retailers are still gasping at the beauty of Lagerfeld’s Chanel Spring-Summer 2011 show earlier this week. “Perfection,” Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing told me yesterday. “Just perfection.”

Watch here and see for yourself: Chanel RTW 2011 Spring/Summer

* How much do we love the score, which is a mix of Bjork, the Verve, and my favorite movie soundtrack composer John Barry. Hope they recorded it. I want it on my Ipod.